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26 photos of 2019 Llandaff North Festival

Fresh off the SD card, here are some photos of today’s Llandaff North Festival in a boiling hot Hailey Park. It was a big festival this year with lots of stalls, animals, birds, barbeque, beer, rides, bouncy castles and fun.

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Photos of Blues and BBQ outdoor gig at Hailey Park Llandaff North

It was perfect weather last night at Hailey Park for Llandaff North Festival and Friends of Hailey Park’s night-before-the-Festival free open air music, food and beer night under the stars above Hailey Park. Here are some souvenir pictures..



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Celebrating Kerala New Year in Llandaff North at the Salkaara restaurant

Salkaara restaurant in Llandaff North have been celebrating the Indian state of Kerala’s New Year with a special vegetarian feast today.

There was a vast variety of foods served on a virtual banana leaf and it was delicious.

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Coffee Rex Llandaff North

Andrea is rapidly establishing Coffee Rex, on the site of Lew’s much loved cafe, as a cafe which serves one of the best cups of coffee in Cardiff.

He used to run Gusto in Llandaff and it’s great to welcome him to Llandaff North now.

It’s great value. My favourite brunch there is a double espresso (£2 – delicious Trinci brand from Italy) and sausage baguette with brown sauce (£1.85)

Here are some photos.

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MyLoaf artisan bakery shop opening soon in Llandaff North

On the site of the old Baked@88


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Curry with the Mayor to fundraise for Cancer Research Wales


Only £12.50 per person for a three-course set menu served at Llandaff North RFC on the evening of Sunday 20 November.

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Cakey Wakey, Llandaff North

Here are just some of Cakey Wakey cake shop’s creations:

cakeywakey02 cakeywakey03 cakeywakey04 cakeywakey05 cakeywakey06 cakeywakey01

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Food Bank appeal

With Christmas on the horizon, the Food Bank has listed the items it needs most. Give if you can.


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The most unusually shaped vegetable in Cardiff

This one won the category at Llandaff North Festival’s Produce Show this weekend:


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Chocolate cravings?

Seeing this tweet with a pic of a Choc Chip Cookie Latte from Lew’s Coffee Shop, Llandaff North, has given me a real chocolate craving. A delicious looking drink: